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Beijing Meishe Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Meishe Co., Ltd.) is an AIGC provider of intelligent video and audio solutions that was founded in 2014. Based on leading visual audio and AI technology, we have provided customizable solutions for enterprises from all over the world and in various fields, which enabled them build high quality video platforms and achieve business success.

The Meishe R&D team is dedicated to the advancement of AI and video technology. With more than 70 patents, core members have devoted more than 20 years concentrating on the development of video and audio engines, graphics and image processing, and computer vision fields. Team members have won many national awards, with profound technology and rich experience in corporate service.

Meishe intelligent video and audio solutions have covered a range of scenarios such as smart cars, smart financing, digital marketing, mobile Internet, smart television and radio, smart education, etc. Through technological partnership, a number of top businesses from many industries have collaborated with Meishe, including Xiaomi, OPPO, Alipay, Bilibili, Insta360, and Splice.

The ongoing evolution of artificial intelligence provides diversified video content production and consumption paths. Meishe will continue to explore ways to integrate AIGC and video and audio technologies represented by ChatGPT, to create efficient video content production platforms for more types of scenarios, and to empower digital transformation in a wider range of fields.

Persist in doing difficult but meaningful things, and relentlessly pursue the pinnacle of the technical field
Committed to becoming the most influential intelligent video and audio technology company in the world
Creating more value for customers and making the world a better place
Meishe Memorabilia
Continue to forge ahead and create more wonderful
  • 2023
    • 1. Joined CCID Media's "China Automotive Electronics Industry Alliance"
    • 2. launches digital human cloud editing AIGC to realize one-click generation of digital human video
    • 3. Was successfully selected into CCID China Automotive Industry Alliance’s “Smart Driving Electronics”
    • 4. Joined the "Virtual Reality and Metaverse Industry (XRMA) Alliance" of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
    • 5. Won the Sina VR Yuanli Awakening-2022 Best Brand Value Digital Human Manufacturer Award
    • 6. Released China’s first ARM-based Xinchuang domestically produced intelligent video editing system
    • 7. Officially released more than 20 AIGC technology solutions
    • 8. Was selected as an outstanding project in the "2023 Media Integration Innovation Technology and Service Application" by the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau
    • 9. Won the title of "High-tech Intelligent Automobile 2023 Top 100 Innovative Enterprises in the Smart Automotive Industry"
  • 2022
    • 1. Won the certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
    • 2. Honored with " The Highest Growth Potential Enterprise " at Gasgoo Auto Jinji Awards Ceremony 2022.
    • 3. Joined in Huawei Cloud Digital Content Partner Plan.
    • 4. Honored with Annual Digital Solution Prize at Sci-Tech Innovation Festival 2022.
    • 5. Engaged in a special interview with Beijing Business Today's "Data Magazine" regarding the development of virtual anchor.
    • 6. Honored with Annual Top100 Innovative Enterprises at Gaogong Auto Golden Ball Awards Ceremony 2022.
    • 7. Honored with the third prize in the Virtual Digital Human Technology Application Unit of the Second MediaAIAC.
    • 8. Joined in China Unicom IoT Alliance.
  • 2021
    • 1. July 2021, we moved into the new office
    • 2. Won the National High-tech Enterprise certificate
    • 3. Won the Zhongguancun High Technology Enterprise certificate
    • 4. Selected as the 2021 Media Fusion Innovative Technology and Service Application
    • 5. Awarded the first prize of MediaAIAC
    • 6. Won the Certificate of Service Management System Based on ISO/IEC 20000-1 Certification
    • 7. Won the Certificate of Information Security Management System Certification
    • 8. Won the Certificate of PII Protection in Public Clouds Management System Certification
    • 9. Expanded our services to new industries such as smart wear and smart cars, and gained high recognition from our partners
    • 10. Established the material creation platform, linking the production tools, copyright resources, designers, and customers through the trading platform to promote the matching of high-quality material resources
    • 11. The R&D team has accumulated more than 70 patent certificates and more than 20 national computer software copyrights
  • 2020
    • 1. Listed as the AAA credit rating enterprise
    • 2. Won the Quality Management System Certificate
    • 3. Won the Beijing "Specialization, Refinement, Characterization,Novelization" Small and Medium Enterprise Certificate
    • 4. The R&D team has accumulated more than 50 patent certificates
    • 5. Received Series A investment from Xiaomi
    • 6. Received Series B investment from bilibili, Wondershare Technology and Sinowisdom
    • 7. Expanded our services to new industries such as smart hardware and government services
  • 2019
    • 1. Won the Zhongguancun High Technology Enterprise certificate
    • 2. Listed as a member of the China Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance
    • 3. Received the honorary title of Zhongguancun Golden Seed Enterprise
    • 4. The R&D team has accumulated more than 50 patent certificates and more than 10 national computer software copyrights
    • 5. Expanded our services to smartphone and social platform fields
  • 2014-2018
    • 1. Meishe Co., Ltd. established.
    • 2. Received Series Pre-A investment from Syncapital and Shenzhen Captial Group Co, Ltd.
    • 3. Won the National High-tech Enterprise certificate
    • 4. The R&D team has accumulated more than 20 patent certificates and several national computer software copyrights
    • 5. Won the first prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award
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