Background Segmentation
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Program introduction

In the post-production of images, to achieve the effect of separating the portrait and the background, it requires time-consuming and laborious manual keying. The solid-color background keying can simplify this work, but it needs to limit the scene. AI portrait background keying, based on Meishe's self- developed machine learning, recognizes human silhouettes in images and videos, and separates them from the background.Combined with the rendering engine of Meishe SDK, it provides rich visual effects to enterprise users.

Product value

Independent AI portrait segmentation algorithm
Freely combine Meicam's rich rendering engine
Support real-time preview, shooting and post-editing scenes
Support half-body and full-body segmentation
Support image and video segmentation

Application scenarios

AR props gameplay
Template effect
Portrait Cutout Beautification
Photo background replacement
ID photo making
privacy protection
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