Sky Segmentation
High efficiency, accurate sky segmentation capability

Program introduction

Meishe's sky segmentation technology is a set of AI processing capabilities based on Meishe's self-developed, which can be used for various scenarios such as photo shooting, video processing, image processing, etc. The special effects processing capability and 3D rendering engine can perform regional processing based on the results of segmentation to achieve effects such as realistic sky change, sky enhancement, etc. The entire sky segmentation capability can be refined to the fine segmentation of tree branches, and the inclusiveness of sky types Strong, supports sky segmentation in various states, and can achieve fine segmentation of the sky in dim scenes.

In Day Demonstration

Solution Advantage

The segmentation effect is fine
Delicate sky areas can be preserved, and precise segmentation can also be performed for scenes such as branches and leaves
Real time processing
It can shoot in 4K, perform real-time sky segmentation processing when taking pictures, and enhance the playability of photography and videography
powerful post processing
Superimpose the image processing capabilities and 3D rendering capabilities of Meishe to achieve a realistic sky-changing effect.
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