Intelligent Video Editing Solution
Meicam intelligent video editing solution, with meicam video sdk technology as the core, helps enterprises intelligently and quickly create and produce videos.It supports React Native, Flutter and other high-quality application development frameworks, which is convenient for enterprises to quickly access and deploy.

Program introduction

With machine learning, deep learning and other AI algorithms as the core, the self-developed video intelligent editing processing solution only needs to import a series of videos and pictures arbitrarily, through intelligent scoring, detection, identification, analysis, intelligent editing and packaging, and rapid formation A high-quality video.

Solution Value

The detection processing speed is up to 5 times the speed, and NPU acceleration is supported
The standard solution includes more than 400 scene detections, which can be expanded based on user needs
Unique editor-based approach, selection and production content. The non-content clustering method mechanically integrates the film, so that the film has a sense of rhythm and a sense of film
Intelligently add subtitles, picture color correction

Product function

Quick launch
An intelligent editing solution that can be launched quickly without massive templates
Editing technique
Pay more attention to the editing techniques of analog editors and the use of lens language
Customize the content of the intelligent caption library, which is more suitable for the operation needs of B-end enterprises

Solution Advantage

Lightweight intelligent editing solution, fast access
Support user-defined intelligent editing logic strategy tuning

Application scenarios

Album products automatically push videos
Quickly create scenes
Material library products deeply mine video value
Vehicle intelligent production scene

Service Mode

Offline delivery of native code
Support customization

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