Face Beautification Solution
For images and videos with people, face shape and skin can be optimized based on face recognition
For images and videos with people, based on face recognition, the facial shape and skin can be optimized for the face, and the facial beauty effect can be increased. It supports detailed beauty adjustment on the face, eyes, forehead, nose, mouth, chin and other parts, as well as 8-dimensional beauty makeup, which greatly improves the user's satisfaction with portrait shooting.

Product value

Support mobile ios, android dual terminal, web terminal and PC terminal
The program provides 26 adjustment dimensions such as beauty skin, beauty type, and micro-surgery
The solution provides beauty makeup, supports full face makeup, and single makeup effects in 8 dimensions of the face
Based on Meicam self-developed 106 or 240 face detection points
Support third-party face detection points
Provide users with free beauty makeup tools and related training
Support all face effect customization services

Product function

  • Beauty face |
  • Beauty type |
  • Microplastic |
  • Beauty makeup |
  • Beauty face

    Beauty ace supports microdermabrasion, whitening, ruddy, and color correction. There are two types of microdermabrasion: male microdermabrasion and female microdermabrasion; three types of microdermabrasion are supported: regional microdermabrasion, facial microdermabrasion, and skin tone + face area

Product advantage

The overall solution of face detection and face beautification and beautification rendering is convenient for users to access
Improve the terminal shooting experience of enterprise users and the satisfaction of face shooting

Application scenarios

live video
short video
online education

Service Mode

Beauty Face SDK
Beauty Type SDK
Beauty Makeup SDK
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