Avatar Virtual Digital Human Solution
Meishe uses its own advanced graphics and image technology to empower the first step of the metaverse of the enterprise based on various current application scenarios

Core technology

Powerful rendering capabilities
Support FBX, OBJ models, built-in geometry, multiple lighting, PBR materials, shadows, and more
Multi-platform support
Seamlessly supporting IOS, Android, WIN, MAC OS, Linux, Web, and other systems with one solution
High efficiency processing
Optimized for each platform, higher efficiency and lower power consumption while ensuring the effect.
Compact in size
The self-developed engine code is more streamlined and the library volume is smaller, which is only about 3-5M in size on the mobile devices.
Rapid expansion
It can quickly connect with mainstream AI chat systems and voice systems, and seamlessly combine with the audio and video capabilities of Meishe.
Convenient production
A complete three-dimensional scene can be built through XML scripting programming, and can also be designed and producted through Meishe tools.
Photo-Generated Digital Human
Turn A Photo Into A Talking Digital Human
——Simulation Motion
Let the head and lips of the photo have a natural and realistic movement
——Image Restoration
Highly retain the image characteristics of real people
——No AI Training Required
Get rid of AI model training and quickly generate digital humans

Characteristics of the Solution

Self-developed rendering engine
It can reproduce the details of the skin, hair and clothing of the characters more realistically. Image rendering includes real-time shadow processing, making the overall image more three-dimensional and realistic.
Simulated physical system
It allows the movement of a virtual character to affect realistic movement of accessories such as hair, producing effects such as bouncing and swaying, making the virtual embodiment more realistic.
AI lip syncing
AI lip-sync technology that uses AI analysis based on voice input to capture the actual facial expressions of a real person, combined with the spoken content, to achieve real-time synchronization of realistic 3D lip movement. Lightweight AI analysis is used to drive the digital character model to achieve accurate lip movements.
Facial expression
Using self-developed Morphing technology, the Meishe rendering engine supports up to 54 basic human expressions. Through the combination of these basic expressions, the virtual character model can vividly express almost all human facial expressions.
Motion capture
Using the latest motion capture technology for dynamic capture, the motion and expressions of real actors are captured with motion capture equipment and later combined with post-production modifications. The final motion and expressions of the virtual character achieve a natural level of realism similar to that of a real person.
Design tools
Powerful virtual human design and production tools are provided. Designers can use the design tools of Meisei to coordinate with C4D, Maya and other tools to quickly create the image of digital human, and quickly change maps and adjust effects through the production tools to improve the design efficiency.

Modeling design customization

Digital human design customized services--Meishe provides a variety of digital human design solutions to meet different scenarios of virtual digital human application requirements. With the technology of Meishe, the scalability and operation of Meicam digital people can be well reflected in the design.
-Creative design to effect landing
-Long-term service to large customers
-Supporting copyright resources
Live Sales scene
Car and machine voice scene
Financial consulting scene
Government service scene
Conversational customer service scene
Face drives digital person. Through the self-defined Avatar digital person image, digital person can be used in video shooting or live scene while maintaining all expressions and face drives. To achieve fun and face blocking purpose.
Business man
Trendy men
Asian girl
Animal modeling
Cartoon Gundam
Comic girl
According to the basic properties, different images can be extended through face-pinch dressing. To cope with different image characteristics and operation growth needs, such as localization, festivals, trends, hot spots, etc., can expand different images.

Process of cooperation

Material requirements
Fully communicate with customers about the scene, content, style and quantity of material requirements
Design scheme
Analyze customer requirements, provide design suggestions and schematic drawings for customers
Design draft
Including but not limited to: static design draft, storyboard, music clip, dynamic reference, etc
Final design draft
Final design effect display, such as: final draft, video packaging final effect
Effect package transformation
The final confirmed design effect is converted into an effect package that can be used by the SDK through the Meicam production too
Acceptance delivery
Test the effect package in the demo to be correct and consistent with the final design draft, and deliver

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Avatar Virtual Digital Human Solution

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