H5/Mini Program Solution
A set of video and audio solutions for the needs of lightweight video production in small programs, web pages, HTML5 and other scenarios

Program introduction

Meicam cloud service solution is developed for small programs, web pages, HTML5 and other web scenarios, and is a set of audio and video solutions specially designed to meet the needs of lightweight video production. The cloud service solution has the same technical core as the Meicam SDK, and the overall solution is highly mature. It can be applied to the business system of enterprises through simple deployment and access.

Product function

  • Photo album |
  • Photo beautification |
  • Smart Video Theme |
  • MEMO |
  • Photo album

    Mainly for photo services, templated packaging, users upload photos, quickly generate a photo video, the effect of the album is wonderful, and customers can make related templates, greatly reducing the threshold of video production.

Solution Architecture

Solution Advantage

Mature solution, easy access
The server solution has the same core technology as the Meicam SDK, and through the integrated gameplay solution, it can quickly solve the production needs in lightweight scenarios. Through simple deployment and access, video production can be completed, and it can be quickly customized according to customer needs.
Flexible deployment, customized solutions
In order to meet the needs of different customers, Meicam provides cloud one-to-one customization services. Based on the capabilities of Meicam SDK, it conducts personalized development of product solutions and special effects custom design to help users build unique cloud products.
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