Intelligent Composition Solution
Based on AI subject detection combined with SDK intelligent algorithms, suggestions for shooting pictures and post-editing suggestions for cropping and reconstruction

Program introduction

The popularity of smartphones has enabled more and more people to use images to record and express good images. While recording, they can more accurately express information, highlight the subject of the picture, and show beauty. However, photographic composition is a knowledge and skill with a certain artistic threshold. Most people may lack this awareness when taking pictures and processing photos, so Meishe has launched a product solution for intelligent composition. This solution can give shooting suggestions during shooting, and can perform image cropping and reconstruction during post-editing.

Solution Advantage

Enhance the added value of hardware products
Provide intelligent solutions for basic shooting
Improve the experience of album products
Provide overall solutions, easy access
Support shooting + post processing editing dual processing

Application scenarios

Album products
Shooting hardware

Service Mode

Existing support for mobile phone double-end
Support multi-terminal personality migration
Free Trial