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Meishe Launches Cloud Video Editing Solution
Beijing Meishe Network Technology Co., Ltd. has released a cloud editing solution, providing comprehensive video production materials including SDKs, solutions and material creation tools. Currently, Meishe has become a deep technical partner of bilibili, China's most famous UGC video community, and internet giant Baidu.
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Meishe Releases a Set of AI-powered Digital Human Models, Allowing Enterprises to Create their Virtual Avatar
Recently, Beijing Municipal Government released China's first special support policy for the digital human industry, which means the Web 3.0 innovative application industry boom represented by digital humans is coming. Under this circumstance, Meishe Co., Ltd. rolls out a series of AI-powered digital humans, which can mimic human facial expressions, body language and movement, and empower a wide range of sectors, such as broadcasting, entertainment, retail, education, tourism, etc.
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Meishe announced the launch of short video SDK using Flutter framework
On May 9th, Meishe Co., Ltd. launched the short video SDK based on Flutter framework, which can be built on Android and iOS with only one set of code, and keep the display of each side highly unified. In the past, developers needed to develop different applications for various development environments, which not only resulted in high resource investment, but also cost a relatively long time. This provides a new option for enterprises to quickly access the short video SDK and build their own APP.
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Meicam Announces the Launch of Meishe Online Video Editor Version 2.0, Further Improving Online Video Editing Capability
With the popularity of 5G, the scale of short video users continues to grow. According to the 2021 China Video Cloud Scene Application Insight White Paper released by iResearch, by the end of 2021, the penetration rate of short videos on Chinese netizens has reached 73.28%.
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Meicam Tech launched a professional video editor—Myvideo PC Version
According to the statistic of the China Internet Network Information Center, video content has become the focus of online video platforms. Different from short videos, medium- and long-term videos have more stringent requirements for editing tools, and the video editing tool has become the second battlefield of fierce competition among capital giants.
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Meishe Network Technology Launched the Latest Video Automatic Color Correction Solution
At present, the epidemic situation in China has improved, but it is still serious abroad. Under the catalysis of the epidemic, the short video industry has become the “food for the soul” recently and is undergoing the new opportunities and changes, which also makes the competition among various platforms intensified. Traditional short video platforms are constantly changing to attract users, while other industry platforms have launched short video functions to enrich community content, attract new users, and increase user activity. The purpose is to provide users with more convenient and easy-to-use authoring tools to attract users to produce quality original content.
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The Cloud Editing Launched by Meishe Technology Makes It Easy to Produce PGC Videos Fast
pandemic prevention, the demand for online cultural and entertainment consumption has soared, featuring high levels of activity involving short videos, long videos, and other online videos, while also witnessing the climbing number of online video users and the total market scale.
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