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Meishe announced the launch of short video SDK using Flutter framework

On May 9th, Meishe Co., Ltd. launched the short video SDK based on Flutter framework, which can be built on Android and iOS with only one set of code, and keep the display of each side highly unified. In the past, developers needed to develop different applications for various development environments, which not only resulted in high resource investment, but also cost a relatively long time. This provides a new option for enterprises to quickly access the short video SDK and build their own APP.

Meishe Short Video SDK contains a variety of features covering almost all aspects from video shooting to post-editing, which can help developers get rid of heavy development tasks.
Meishe short video SDK has video shooting, photo gallery, video editing, draft storage and other functions. Enterprises can make personalized modifications to the product's interface design and functional configuration according to their needs.

Based on the multi-track editing capabilities of Meishe SDK, Meishe Technology has created a collab feature in the short video SDK. The screen can be divided into two, with the original video screen on one side and the user's own shot on the other side, which can meet the user's interactive needs and easily create fun collab videos. When the collab feature is on, it supports simultaneous screen beautification, speed adjustment, adding props and special effects, and other operations.

Timeline editing allows users to change, edit or add clips, and finely adjust parameters such as their duration, interval, sequence, playback direction and playback speed, bringing a more flexible and convenient post-creation operation experience precisely and quickly.

Flutter is a new cross-platform application development framework released by Google. With this framework, developers can build, test and distribute beautiful applications for mobile, web, desktop and other embedded platforms with only one set of code base, greatly reducing development costs. Among many cross-platform frameworks, Flutter's performance and building ideas are closest to native development frameworks, and its efficient, open and flexible features have won wide participation and maintenance from the global developer community.

Meishe short video SDK on the native basis of aar packaging, so that the native code and Flutter project can be separated. Each of the two ends of Meishe Flutter API encapsulates a simple Flutter API library, which is docked through the channel and Flutter API packaging, so that companies can directly use Flutter's code logic to achieve all the effects as well as UI on their own.

The R&D team can provide demo projects and a copy of the corresponding Flutter packaging library, and support Flutter function module customization to meet customers' personalized needs. Based on the native code to achieve the function, customers can directly in the form of a library to access the existing project. For on-demand customers, Meishe offers three access methods.

Pure native customization, Meishes R&D team is responsible for the implementation of specific UI and logic processing, the customer only needs to intervene in the Flutter project.

Customize the specified UI, and Meishe’s R&D team develops the replacement logic corresponding to the specified page, and dock part of the native code in the Flutter project.

Fully customizable UI and logic, implemented using a pure Flutter API wrapper library, deeply customized or deeply wrapped API by Meishe’s R&D team.

On the one hand, Flutter can break the limitations of platform and achieve a high degree of uniformity in the display, which can largely improve the development efficiency. On the other hand, compared to the native APK, Flutter project packaging is relatively larger, and the local API packaging is more time-consuming. At the same time, since the main thread of Flutter is different from native, asynchronous processing is required when interacting with native code, and UI operations will be slightly delayed.

Focusing on video and audio development for many years, Meishe will provide partners and developers with more innovative products and provide users with a more quality experience.

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