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Meishe Launches Cloud Video Editing Solution

Beijing Meishe Network Technology Co., Ltd. has released a cloud editing solution, providing comprehensive video production materials including SDKs, solutions and material creation tools. Currently, Meishe has become a deep technical partner of bilibili, China's most famous UGC video community, and internet giant Baidu.

The current leading Internet platforms are mostly focusing on UGC, represented by Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc., occupying most of the valuable users. In the process of commercialization, content platforms face the continuous influx of users and the consequent deterioration of content ecology, and content construction has become the top priority. Cultivating a highly sticky user base and even establishing a unique community culture have become the keys to sustainable profitability.

To expand the content richness, it is necessary to focus on two aspects. First, lower the threshold for user creation. Only by letting ordinary users have the desire to create, content platforms can ensure continuous and high-quality content input, which is the beginning point for subsequent content distribution and commercialization. Second, pay attention to user incentives. Users need to get certain feedback to generate motivation for continuous creation. Therefore, the platform should also emphasize this when formulating operation rules.

The threshold for users to create content is continuously decreasing. However, the unskilled operation of video editors and complicated processes are still barriers for users. Editing tools are a strong assistant for video communities. Therefore, creating their own editing tools has become the choice of many platforms.

Video editing tools are difficult to develop when it comes to high technical requirements and costs, which discourages platforms from seeking professional third-party technology cooperation. Meishe cloud editing solution applies to a new generation of high-end B/S cloud architecture non-linear editing system. It renders in real-time on the browser and is not limited by hardware.

Based on the powerful Meishe SDK, the Meishe cloud editing solution has comprehensive coverage of short video effects, including subtitles, stickers, filters, transitions, AI vocals, etc. Besides, the Meishe SDK has strong cross-platform capabilities, and the products developed on this basis naturally support multi-terminal interoperability. Platforms can easily access multi-terminal tools or build a complete ecological matrix in the future.

As a video editing tool, its ease-of-use allows users to quickly master video creation, but how to guide users to create video content that fits the platform's tone is another difficulty. Meishe common template solution supports the platform to create templates through a set of tools, generating standard video template files for users to use on mobile, Web, PC and other terminals. Thus, it is useful for platforms to guide the direction of user creation styles and build platform content ecologies.

The Meishe cloud editing solution supports private deployment and can be quickly integrated into an enterprise's existing business system. Besides video technology capability licensing, Meishe also provides additional technical support, like audio and video module customization.

With their editing tools, content platforms can effectively increase user stickiness and further improve user retention rates, thus realizing a virtuous cycle of user growth and traffic growth, and laying a solid foundation for sustainable commercialization.

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