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Meicam Co Ltd Won the First Prize of the‘Broadcast,TV and Network Audiovisual Artificial Intelligence Application Innovation Competition’

Recently,The State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China(SARFT)held the first“Broadcast,TV and Network Audiovisual Artificial Intelligence Application Innovation Competition(MediaAIAC)”to announce the list of winners.Meicam’s intelligent video content production platform which is based on the deep learning framework,has been approved by relevant management departments and experts,and stood out among many competitors,and won the first prize!


Meicam Co,.Ltd.has been focusing on the field of intelligent audio and video for many years,using its core technology to create"intelligent","specialized"and"customized"audiovisual solutions.The Meicam Smart Video Content Production Platform adopts visual speech recognition technology and natural language processing technology and is a multi-platform solution formed by self-developed intelligent art algorithms.Mainly include intelligent editing techniques,artistic style algorithms,video quality rating,music rhythm detection and AI subtitle analysis,etc.The platform can learn the editor’s production ideas through AI,without the use of a server,and directly complete the entire process from video import to program output on the client-side,covering multiple dimensions such as vision,voice,text,etc.,to meet users’demand from various industries.

This platform is the leading Smart Content Production Platform in China.The platform is composed of multi-terminal intelligent production tools,intelligent video and audio algorithm engines,and intelligent content production management engines.Its production tools cover mobile,web,pc and other terminals.It is a one-stop intelligent video production ecological platform solution that can achieve cross-networking,Cross-system remote operation,quickly realize the intelligent production’s release of video content,and can meet the needs of multiple smart converged media applications.It provides a simple and easy-to-use smart video content production tool set for government,enterprise and other media reporters and editors.The system platform has been installed and deployed in a number of projects including radio and television media,smart phones,smart hardware and other fields.

The prize was awarded at China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition 2021(CCBN2021).



As a world-renowned exhibition of China Content Broadcasting Network(hereinafter referred to as CCBN),this exhibition takes"Smart All Media,5G New Audio-visual"as the theme,highlighting the smart,mobile,and high-definition aspects of radio and TV and network audio-visual under the background of 5G,but also the achievements of scientific and technological innovation.

Meicam Co.,Ltd.participated in the exhibition with the"Smart Video Content Production Platform"in Hall 3.Meicam introduced the one-stop Smart Video Production Ecological Platform solution,which combines AI artificial intelligence technology to form four major sections:smart shooting,smart editing,smart packaging,and smart templates with smart tags as the key point.This platform deployed at different levels of LaaS,PaaS,and Saas,and fully served professional video,short video,new media video,and other fields on the PC,Web,and mobile terminals at the end.

Meicam has been focusing on the development of the audio and video field for more than 20 years and has mastered more than 70 patented technologies,and has always kept pace with the international level in technology and continuously applied the latest video technology to related fields.The current product matrix includes mobile video HD shooting and deep editing SDK,AR face props,automatic color correction,AI smart editing,H5 small program,cloud editing,virtual anchors,and other solutions,as well as intelligent video production service platforms,material creation platform and other production service platforms.Its full-process function from shooting to editing covers all popular video effects,including TikTok-like effects,and supports all terminals of Mobile,Web,PC,and servers.

Meicam has collaborated with hundreds of customers at home and abroad,such as Xiaomi,OPPO,Vivo,ASUS,OnePlus,Lenovo,Bilibili,JD,Sina,and other leading customers in various fields,and with the traditional national grid,SMG, order to promote the use of integrated media in government and enterprises.In addition,Meicam Co,.Ltd.has also deployed in foreign markets,filling the gap of smart audiovisual solutions in overseas markets in the international arena.At present,it has provided in-depth technical services in the United States,South Korea,India,Singapore,and other countries and local Internet companies,radiating tens of millions of overseas users.

In the future,Meicam Co,.Ltd.will use the technical advantages of traditional video and audio processing to provide partners and developers with more innovative video effects and imagination,and continue to achieve product innovation,and provide users with a better experience.



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