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The Cloud Editing Launched by Meishe Technology Makes It Easy to Produce PGC Videos Fast

pandemic prevention, the demand for online cultural and entertainment consumption has soared, featuring high levels of activity involving short videos, long videos, and other online videos, while also witnessing the climbing number of online video users and the total market scale. Such a large market scale must be supported by massive, high-quality, and diversified contents. In terms of content production, some video platforms supplement OGC (Occupationally-generated Content) through PGC (Professional Generated Content), which is generated by careful planning and professional production. By doing so, they aim to elevate the artistic delight of contents for attracting users and form interest groups and fans. There are also some platforms that produce more appealing short videos by mining and integrating PGC and UGC content or the secondary processing of OGC content to precipitate content and topics on their platforms to acquire more users. However, the secondary creation of video content is inseparable from video editing tools, and professional video editing tools need to be downloaded and installed onto the computer / mobile phone. As a result, the super large memory utilization ratio and intricated operation steps have daunted many users.

Meishe Technology Video Cloud Editing Solution Emerges at the Right Moment


Meishe Cloud Editing is a new generation of cutting-edge B/S cloud architecture non-linear editing system, which integrates video editing, creative packaging, and special effect synthesis. It is specially designed by Meishe Co., Ltd. for clients of any industry. By using the latest WebAssembly technology of the browser, it integrates not only the traditional professional non-linear editing function based on the powerful video and audio processing architecture of Meishe SDK, but also the full coverage of the Internet short video production function so that everyone can quickly produce specialized and high-quality videos!

Install-Free, Compatible Across Multiple Platforms, and Features Multi-User Collaboration

The front-end of the Meishe Cloud Editing solution is realized by H5 Technology. Instead of building enormous linear editing tools by themselves or purchasing sophisticated video editing software, users can use it by opening the browser and inputting the website of the platform. It can be flexibly applied to Windows, MacOS, and other operating systems. Besides, it supports multiple-user collaboration, enabling them to create videos in a free and efficient way.


The First Process to Realize Seamless Interaction for Mobile- and PC-Based Editing Projects

The cloud editing solution is seamlessly compatible with Meishe Technology’s mobile SDK project and can export the timeline sequences of fcpxml, AAF, and EDL, thus bringing great convenience to post-production procedure, shortening production time, and upgrading the efficiency of content production.

The Powerful Functions Help the Transformation and Upgrading of Multiple Platforms in the Video-Production Field

Meishe Cloud Editing covers a variety of post-production and post-packaging functions such as professional subtitles, dubbing/recording, stickers, transition, filter special effects, and one-click theme packaging, etc. Aside from this, customized access and development are also available according to the needs of clients. Because of this, it can be widely used by various industries and enterprises to build the video post-production cloud editing platform.

For the partners in the new media industry, the establishment of a cloud editing platform enables them to finish professional content production through the web-based lightweight editing tools and helps the institutions engaged in content production and communication focus on short videos. For the traditional radio and television industry, the cloud video editing is crucial to realize the upgrading and transformation in combination with the Internet, build the integrated radio and television, and open up the content production link, because it can greatly raise the content production efficiency. For the film and television production industry, the use of the cloud editing solution can cut down a large amount of funding in hardware equipment. Meanwhile, the collaborative editing ability brought by cloud editing can also connect many small- and medium-sized film and television studios to complete project distribution and integration and bring new ways of production.

The Creation of Professional Tools Through Professional Video and Audio Technologies

Based on the broadcast-level image processing engine, Meishe Cloud Editing owns such functions as video and audio editing, various professional subtitles, special effect packaging, and audio editing. It supports 4K as well as high-definition multi-system, multi-frame rate, and multi-format mixed editing. The image and audio processing effects both meet the standard of National Radio and Television Administration, thus visibly improving the professional quality of non-linear editing of the browser.

Meishe Technology has made remarkable achievements in recent years, and therefore it has grown into a pacesetting enterprise in the Internet video and audio field. As an intelligent integrated solution provider that has focused on the development of this field for two decades, Meishe Technology has conducted in-depth technical cooperation with the top clients in various fields such as OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Bilibili, Cheetah Mobile, State Grid, People’s Video, Ingkee, Huya, Amino, Keep, and Meet you, etc. With its flexible technical architecture, self-existent bottom design, and exclusive performance optimization, it offers complete production services that have been unanimously recognized.

Going forward, Meishe Technology will utilize its technical advantages on traditional video and audio processing to provide more innovative ways of entertainment and imaginary space for developers, empower more industries, make their products applicable to a wider range of scenarios, and create values across multiple platforms!

Company Name: Meishe Co., Ltd.


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