MyVideo-Professional Video Editing Solution
The flexible multi-track design meets professional video editing needs
With the development of Internet video services, mobile video editing tools are gradually developing towards professionalism, and the front-end design is more and more inclined to track editing. The interactive way of tracks can not only carry more advanced video editing It also allows mobile video tools to have better sustainability and development.

Product value

Stable and deep productization scheme, small secondary development volume, fast online
Fully functional with good secondary development scalability

Product function

  • Professional and convenient
  • Curve shift
  • Keyframe
  • Pro Mask
  • wrapper element
  • Identify subtitles
  • Template making
  • Multi-terminal communication
  • Orbital editing interaction, professional and convenient complement each other

    With a flexible multi-track design to meet professional video editing needs. The multi-track design allows the material level to be WYSIWYG, and special effects can be added flexibly and accurately. By adjusting the level order between the tracks, more effect combinations can be obtained, and surprising packaging effects can be achieved.

Product advantage

Help enterprises quickly deploy a complete deeply edited product ecosystem
Provide continuous iterative updates of product functions
Support enterprise schema-based personalized function customization and UI customization

Application scenarios

High-quality video content production
Medium and long video content platform
Video tool product upgrade

Service Mode

Complete front-end code +SDK functionality delivery
Clear code logical structure, easy access
One-to-one technical support from the original development team of the solution
Continuously update solutions according to user needs priorities

They are all using

  • must cut
  • no goo clip
  • duka clip
  • Bilibili-must cut

    Bijian is a video editing software produced by Bilibili. As a strategic technology partner of Bilibili, Meishe has deeply customized the UGC video creation solution for it, helping Bijian to achieve seamless interoperability of mobile, PC, and web submissions, and support one-click submission to station B. , to satisfy the creative enthusiasm of the up master at all times, and has won praise from the core original video creators of the platform.

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