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Meicam Officially Launched Meishe Online Video Editor Version 2.0, Further Improve the Online Video Editing Capability

With the popularity of 5G, the scale of short video users continues to grow. According to the 2021 China Video Cloud Scene Application Insight White Paper released by iResearch, by the end of 2021, the penetration rate of short videos on Chinese netizens has reached 73.28%.

Short videos bring a new program form and communication field, and small screens, fragmentation, and fast pace have become industry trends. Changes in video consumption habits have put forward new requirements for the video production side: shorter production cycles to ensure update frequency, high image quality and smooth editing rhythm, as well as content planning that keeps up with hot spots, etc. Among them, the extremely short production cycle and the tracking of hot spots determine that the creation scene of the short video may be any time and place. With the help of cloud video editing tools, users can get rid of device constraints and create videos anytime, anywhere, and many short video platforms have also targeted this demand and begun to develop their video editing tools.

In response to the trend, intelligent video and audio solution provider Meishe Co., Ltd. launched a web-side video editing solution - Meishe Online Video Editor. Based on it, enterprises can build their web-side professionals.

Meishe Online Video Editor is a high-end B/S cloud architecture non-linear editing system, which integrates video editing, creative packaging and special effects synthesis, with the characteristics of installation-free, cross-platform, and collaborative operation. Based on the broadcast-grade image processing engine, Meishe Online Video Editor has video and audio editing, captions, special effect packaging, stickers, filter effects and other professional functions to meet the in-depth editing needs.

Recently, it ushered in version 2.0, which was optimized in terms of project management, special effects setting, video clip, timeline, etc., bringing a more professional and efficient video editing experience.

Meishe Online Video Editor supports 4K HD production, multi-standard multi-frame rate multi-format mixing, and frame-accurate editing. The image and audio processing effects are in line with the standard of the National Radio and Television Administration. At the same time, it supports exporting fcpxml, AAF, and EDL timeline sequences, which brings great convenience to post-production.

Based on the capabilities of Meishe SDK, Meishe Online Video Editor also realizes multi-terminal interconnection, whether special effects packaging or production projects can be used across platforms.

Meishe Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on the overall solution of intelligent video and audio enterprises. The R&D team has focused on the development of video and audio for more than 20 years, and the projects involved have won the first prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the first prize of the MediaAIAC and other awards.

The service content of Meishe includes cross-platform video and audio image intelligent processing, recognition and deep learning, etc., and its business areas cover mobile Internet, smartphones, smart hardware, smart cars, smart radio and television and other industries, and is highly recognized by Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Bilibili, Sina and other leading enterprises.

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