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Meicam Tech launched a professional video editor—Myvideo PC Version

According to the statistic of the China Internet Network Information Center, video content has become the focus of online video platforms. Different from short videos, medium- and long-term videos have more stringent requirements for editing tools, and the video editing tool has become the second battlefield of fierce competition among capital giants.

For video creators, traditional video editing tools do not fully match their needs. How do platforms achieve creator retention, promote the production of original content, and even guide creators' content to conform to the tone of themselves? Building their own video editors is a common choice. While it is difficult for online platforms to develop and achieve multi-terminal interoperability, which requires high investment and post-maintenance costs. In contrast, third-party technical cooperation is a better option.

Faced with the current trend, Meicam launched a professional video editing toolMyvideo PC Version, providing cross-platform underlying SDK authorization and upper layer development services to enterprise users.

Myvideo PC version is based on a high-end non-linear editing system. During video editing, it can realize real-time rendering of special effects, which highly improves video editing fluency. In the actual product construction, it only needs a few interfaces to quickly access the SDK, realize the rapid launch functions and greatly save the development cost of enterprises. A good video editor can further stimulate users’ productivity and help enterprises build a more competitive video ecology.

Moreover, Myvideo realizes multi-platform interoperability between PC, mobile and web terminals to meet the needs of multi-scene video editing. Its open architecture also reserves space for the platform. According to their needs, enterprises can add self-developed technical capabilities or other third-party capabilities in the scheme construction to meet their long-term planning. Besides, Meicam provides 7/24 support and a professional development guide.

As an integrated solution provider, the R&D team of Meicam has focused on the development of video and audio fields for more than 20 years. The projects they participated in have won the first prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the first prize of MediaAIAC and other awards.

At present, Meicam owns a variety of products such as Meishe SDK, AR face props, virtual anchors, Meishe cloud editor, Myvideo, etc. Its intelligent video and audio solutions are highly recognized by OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, bilibili, Sina, Splice, insta360 and other leading enterprises. In the future, Meicam will develop innovative products continuously, and serve more industry customers.

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