Meishe AR Effect Creation Tool
The special effects production platform built to match the capabilities of the Meishe SDK, tap the designer's imagination, and design exciting visual images

Production process

Product function

Image editing processing ability
Supports key frame editing, curve adjustment and expressions, and has more than 50 atomic special effects developed by Meicam, helping you quickly create handy animation effects
Caption rendering system
Artistic text, caption bubble, text animation, all kinds of text effects are all in one go, let your text dance
Animation editing ability
LUT filter, animation sticker, special effect transition, whether it is flat or three-dimensional, can express powerful animation expression
Easy to control, multi platform
Multi-function shortcut keys allow designers to get started quickly, and can be flexibly applied to Windows, Mac OS and other operating systems, giving you the ultimate smooth experience
collaboration, interoperability
Support one-click release of special effects to the material creation platform, project file interoperability and flexible production methods, perfectly adapt to the Meicam ecological product chain, and immediately enjoy your design blockbuster

Application scenarios

Special effects production
Creative gameplay
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