Meishe AE template plug-in tool
A plug-in tool created by combining the capabilities of Meishe SDK and Adobe After Effects, which can quickly create and convert Meishe AE conversion templates

Production process

Product function

Cross platform image editing ability
Meicam SDK perfectly matches the native capabilities of After Effects. It can render based on AE layers and special effects, and can be recognized and converted into Meicam SDK data templates.
Rich features, Fast rendering
Support all kinds of layer properties, plug-in special effects, help you to do everything in one go, no matter how much synthesis is not afraid, the multi-cascade rendering capability of Meicam SDK will escort you
Simple operation, easy to use
Support one-click import function, quickly classify and edit, greatly improve the conversion efficiency of general templates
Collaboration, Interoperability
Support one-click release of special effects to the material creation platform, project file interoperability and flexible production methods, perfectly adapt to the Meicam ecological product chain, and immediately enjoy your design blockbuster

Application scenarios

Special effects production
Creative gameplay
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