Short Video Solution
Contains popular functions in current social short videos, covering everything from shooting, face props to post-editing.It supports React Native, Flutter and other high-quality application development frameworks, which is convenient for enterprises to quickly access and deploy.
Meicam short video Demo is a set of short video production solutions based on SDK capabilities. It includes popular functions in current social short videos, covering everything from shooting, face props to post-editing, and provides complete Demo, helps developers get rid of heavy development, quickly access popular gameplay, and maintain product competitiveness.

Product value

Standardized and modular product solutions, set type selection, fast and efficient access
Support for the flutter framework lowers barriers to developers
Fully functional with good secondary development scalability
Contains very distinctive industry benchmark short video effects

Product function

  • Timeline Edit
  • Effect function
  • Mix Shift
  • Co-shot function
  • Flutter
  • Unique timeline effects

    Featured gameplay of mainstream short video platforms, timeline special effects. Based on the powerful editing capabilities of the SDK, it has various timeline effects including time reversal, repetition, slow motion, etc. At the same time, developers can deeply adjust or customize each effect according to their needs.

Product advantage

Short video to make enterprise products mainstream fast
Assist enterprise users in rapid video expansion
The development of lightweight video solutions for the flutter framework is simple to get started
Light editing product form suitable for first step in video upgrade

Application scenarios

Internet entertainment mainstream short video community
Enterprise short video platform construction
Life news and information platform
Short video shooting and production of vertical business scenes such as food, e-commerce, life, mother and child, education

Service Mode

Complete front-end code +SDK functionality delivery
Clear code logical structure, easy access
One-to-one technical support from the original development team of the solution
Continuously update solutions according to user needs priorities
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