OneClick Video – Smart Template Solution
In templated production, the efficiency of video production is improved in a relatively simplified way of use

Program introduction

In templated production, the efficiency of video production is improved in a relatively simplified way of use. But at the same time, the solidified style also brings about the problem of the rapid disappearance of freshness. Therefore, designers will create a large number of templates, covering a variety of types and content, for users to choose. When a large number of template materials are presented, how to manually select a template and how to fill in the most suitable material for the template. Solving the above problems and making the use of templates more efficient is the purpose of the one-click filming solution

Solution Value

Pay more attention to the core content of imported materials, and recommend templates with high matching degree according to the content
It can detect and recommend a wider range of content, such as: people, food, pets, scenery, and life shots
Template making tool for visual editing, which is convenient for designers to quickly produce more stylized template materials

Product function

Intelligent detection is based on Meicam's huge AI tag library. The tag dimensions used in this solution are: scene、object、activity、image category、sky、weather、people and time

The detection label of the scheme can be increased or decreased according to the needs of user scenarios

475 scene tags for mountains、rivers、seaside、deserts、stadiums、shopping streets、concert,etc.
Including 999 object labels such as common objects in life、cats、dogs、food、insects、vehicles,etc.
Including daily common activities、weddings、birthdays、singing、military training, two sessions and other 28 items
Categories include: 10 items including astrophotography、ecological photography、portrait photography, etc.
Sky status detection, including 14 items such as burning clouds、airplane clouds、rainbows、blue sky、cloudy sky, etc.
Rain、snow、fog、sand、 day and night 6 items
Including number、race、age、gender, etc.
festivals、seasons、solar terms, etc.

Solution Architecture

Solution Flow

Product advantage

It is convenient for B-end enterprise users to build one-click intelligent production product modules
Improve video production quickly
Scheme supporting template material library
Support B-end personalized template customization

Application scenarios

Album products automatically push videos
Quickly create scenes
Material library products deeply mine video value
Vehicle intelligent production scene

Service Mode

Offline delivery of native code
Server-side SDK provides private deployment

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