Intelligent Automotive image and video Solution
Meishe will launch a smart car image and video processing solution and officially enter the field of smart cockpits. At present, Meishe has reached cooperation with a few leading OEMs and brings more interesting driving and interactive experience to users.


Meishe provides full-link algorithms from cameras, in-vehicle video creation, in-vehicle entertainment and AI recognition, and optimizes the special shooting content and scenes of vehicles. Through Meishe's automotive solution capabilities, the vehicle's imaging capabilities are greatly improved through software. At the same time, the intelligent analysis and processing allows more in-vehicle valuable videos to be generated, improving the driving experience of car owners.

Program Value

Image and Quality Enhancement
Intelligently analyze the images captured by the vehicle camera, drive dozens of image adjustment algorithms owned by Meishe, and perform real-time image optimization processing to meet the needs of different scenarios.
In-car Interaction and Entertainment
Based on the self-developed algorithm of Meishe, it brings interesting gameplay such as beautifying the image in the car, interacting with real-time voice digital people, etc., to enhance the interactive entertainment experience.
Video Smart Packaging Creation
Real-time content detection and analysis of the shooting images, automatic extraction of highlights for film-level packaging production, which is convenient for users to record and share travel memories.
AI Recognition and Processing
Real-time recognition of scene information in the screen, linked to the hardware of the car machine to complete automatic video shooting, ambient light control, intelligent voice prompts and other operations to achieve intelligent interaction.

Scheme Architecture

Solution Advantage

Based on the unique operating scene and shooting content of the in-vehicle camera, Meishe has carried out targeted optimization and upgrades, and launched a full-link in-vehicle imaging solution. It covers basic image quality enhancement, intelligent video creation, in-car interactive entertainment and AI recognition processing, etc., to meet the multi-dimensional image processing needs of drivers and passengers, and create a higher-quality "third living space" for users.

Lower resource usage, smaller code size
Targeted algorithm tuning based on vehicle operating scenarios is more accurate and efficient
It includes various solutions from basic image enhancement to AI intelligent fossil skin processing to meet the needs of full-link automotive image processing
Image-level image processing engine, combined with AI capabilities, to achieve complex and delicate image and video processing effects

Low Occupancy
Algorithm Upgrade
Full Link Solution
Professional Image

Programme Component

  • Camera Distortion Correction
    Directly perform distortion correction processing on the image captured by the camera, eliminate the distortion of the surrounding image, and restore the image to a high-quality effect without distortion without losing image quality.
  • Image intelligent color correction
    Based on the intelligent analysis of the captured images, it dynamically finds problems such as too dark, overexposure, poor saturation, and insufficient clarity in the picture, automatically drives the image adjustment algorithm of Meishe, and optimizes real-time images and videos to achieve Professional color correction effect.
  • Night scene enhancement
    By combining the self-developed image noise reduction algorithm, AI recognition algorithm and color adjustment algorithm, it can intelligently judge the pictures with high noise in the night scene, adjust the color of the picture and remove the influence of noise, and obtain high-quality night scene images and video pictures.
  • Multi-camera image stitching
    Based on the multi-camera shooting images, Meishe's distortion correction algorithm, image fusion algorithm and intelligent stitching are used for real-time processing to minimize the problems of patchwork, uneven brightness and deformation of the image, and finally obtain an ultra-wide-angle, 360° The ultra-large field of view image brings unexpected preview, shooting and recording experience to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.
  • Car Video Smart Clip
    Through the real-time content detection and analysis during shooting, the wonderful content clips in the travel process are extracted, and the artistic creation packaging is automatically completed without user operation, and a high-quality car road book wonderful video is generated with one click, which is convenient for users to save and share . .
  • Virtual sky scheme
    Based on Meishe's AI sky segmentation technology, the sky segmentation area is finely divided, and the results are superimposed into Meishe's 3D rendering engine to form a realistic sky-changing effect.
  • Real-time AR special effects in the car
    The self-developed 240-point detection scheme can perform real-time video beautification, beauty, face props, Animoji and other effects on the in-vehicle screen to enhance the entertainment of in-car shooting.
  • In-vehicle interactive digital human
    Combining Meishe's real-time digital human rendering system and human-computer interaction system, through the audio, text and other content returned by the voice system, the digital human is driven in real time to perform lip-synched content question-and-answer and specific action expressions to get rid of the original voice way to get a more intimate interactive experience.
  • AI recognition and processing
    Real-time AI image and video algorithm Product description Multi-dimensional AI image detection capability, real-time identification of various content information in the video, and linkage with the vehicle hardware to complete automatic video shooting, ambient light control, intelligent voice prompts and other operations.
  • Anonymization
    Based on the current requirements of information security regulations, Meishe has launched anonymization products, which can anonymize faces and license plates in real-time or post-processing. form.

Car and Mobile Phone Linkage

Meishe provides supporting mobile phone video editing linkage solutions. Based on the advantages of Meishe's algorithm, it realizes the interoperability of multi-terminal video production projects. The video output from the intelligent editing on the vehicle terminal can be seamlessly connected to the mobile terminal, cloud, PC, etc. for users to edit In-depth editing to meet the personalized display and record sharing needs of users' travel entertainment.

Multi-terminal general technology of car terminal / mobile terminal
Support multi-end production engineering interoperability
Support AI clip secondary editing
Special effects and materials can be customized

Customer Stories

Zhiji Auto (mass production) IM Zhiji Auto is a brand new consumer car brand jointly created by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group. Aiming at the social capabilities that the new generation of smart cars focus on, Meishe deeply serves the Carlog smart car camera system, mobilizes several car cameras with unique layout, and uses AI smart solutions to capture the beautiful scenery along the way. Combined, create a new visual experience, instantly share videos with the world, interpret social interaction in an intelligent way, and help Zhiji brand to create a way of expressing emotions.

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