AR Face Effects Solution
Meishe AR face effects solution is based on the self-developed AI algorithm and facial recognition technology. It has capabilities of beautification, filter effects, sticker props, intelligent segmentation, gesture detection, facial recognition and others, that can improve the performance of face beautification comprehensively.
Face Beautification
Beauty And Makeup Beauty & Micro Plastic Surgery Beauty For Male Multi National Beauty Solution
Beauty And Makeup
Multi-dimensional improvement of beauty face beautification, from basic beauty skin smoothing and whitening, to 11 facial beauty parameters such as face slimming, big eyes, small face, etc., to multiple overall makeup styles and multiple single makeup adjustments for lipstick, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., while the overall beauty effect becomes more natural and rich, it also improves the freedom of beauty. Lowering the threshold of beauty, everyone can get natural and high-end beauty effects.
Face Props
AR Face Props AR Sticker Effect Avatar Digital Human
AR Face Props
By providing popular props and utilizing our self-developed rendering engine, we aim to provide the richest gameplay experience with minimal resource consumption.
·2D/3D Face props ·Physical and particle systems ·Facial sticker props ·Expression and gesture triggering
Detection Solution
106/240 Point Detection Face Attribute Detection Five Senses Behavior Detection Gesture Detection/Interaction
106/240 Point Detection
Providing high-precision face key point detection solutions is the basic algorithm for applications such as face recognition and video entertainment. It has accurate tracking, high sexual stability, and low resource consumption. At the same time, it opens up a face point detection interface for customers, supporting the integration of third-party point detection solutions.
Intelligent Segmentation
Portrait Background Segmentation
Based on AI deep learning framework, recognize the human body contour in the image, achieve high-precision segmentation, and separate it from the background. It can be applied to various scenarios such as photo background replacement, post-processing, ID photo production, portrait retouching, background blurring, and more.
Product Advantages
Multi-terminal Deployment
Support deploying on mobile, Web, PC and hardware side
Customization Service
We provide customization services for all kinds of face effects
Rapid Deployment
With a small package and high compatibility
R&D Strength
Accurate and self-developed 106/240 facial key points permit access to facial key points from a third party
Custom Tools
Provide beautification, face stickers, AR prop production tools and relative training
Rich Material
Provide massive various special effects materials, and there have been thousands of special effects so far
Offline Deployment
Support offline deployment/offline use
Audio and video + intelligent beauty service integration
Application Scenarios
Short-form Video
Social Entertainment
Digital Marketing
Online Education
Intelligent Hardware
Service Mode
SDK Access
Private Deployment
Customization Service
Local Offline Deployment
Cooperation Process
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